Guest sessions in Debian

We have several computers at home, and we want to allow guests to use one of them to access the Internet. This feature comes out of the box in Ubuntu and is called “Guest sessions”.

My attempt to provide the same on Debian jessie is in a script

Some notes:

  • going to greeter via DBus is not standard (All *DM have there own API). I’ve started a discussion about this
  • lightdm in Ubuntu has it’s own life and doesn’t come from Debian (This is expected for an Ubuntu project):
    • Ubuntu’s is the default DM and is not multi-arch, yet
    • Debian’s is focused on Xfce and doesn’t provide any guest-session machinery
  • Ubuntu has patched gnome-shell and adduser to allow guest-sessions. I think we should merge those patches back (after jessie release)

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